Intro To Film/video 3 (film As A Medium)

PRIME LENS – a lens with a single, fixed focal length
MOS – mit out sound; Germans; adding all of the sounds & dialogue later
Dialogue editor – reviews takes and chooses best
stop online piracy act (sopa) – was an anti-piracy initiative by the film and music industries, defeated in 2011 because it seemed to limit internet rights
Shutter speed – The amount of time it takes for the camera shutter to open and close. Faster speeds produce crisp motion and slower speeds produce motion-blur.
optical finder – peephole in the camera body equipped with optics that produced a smaller than life size view of the scene, cropped to approximately what the camera lens would see; suffered from parallax and magnification error; provided no means of focusing the camera lens
The type of lighting design that uses light symbolically is:
what is a windscreen used for – a foam fitting cover that eliminates sounds caused by sudden air and plosives
Offscreen – Sound that originates from a source outside of the frame
Paramount decision – A 1948 court ruling that forced the big, vertically integrated studios to break up their ownership of movie productions, distribution, and exhibition.
which of the following requires the most group effort? – film production
The type оf lighting design thаt uses light symbоlicаlly is:
Screen Direction – the direction of moving object within moving camera shot
Tracking Shot – A shot that changes the position of the point of view by moving forward, backward, or around the subject, usually on tracks that have been constructed is advance; also called a traveling shot

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