Gcse Triple Science {triple} Biology 3

Pneumonia – Inflamation of the lungs, caused by: bacteria(streptococcus pheumoniae) , viruses, or fungy.
Algal bloom – A seasonal abundance of algae.
palisade cells – Contain chloroplasts and are the cells in the leaf where most photosynthesis occurs.
catalyst – A chemical agent that increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed by the reaction.
adhesion – the attractive force between two bodies of different substances that are in contact with each other
Anabolism – Constructive metabolism; the process of building up larger molecules from smaller ones
What is NOT related to the process of gamete formation in the body?
sensory input – The conduction of signals from sensory receptors to processing centers in the central nervous system.
Consumer – an organism that obtains energy by feeding on other organisms
Whаt is NOT relаted tо the prоcess оf gаmete formation in the body?
cell – collection of living matter enclosed by a barrier that separates the cell from its surroundings; basic unit of all forms of life
second law of thermodynamics – Every energy transfer or transformation increases the entropy of the universe.
solution – a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances
thylakoids – an elaborate system of interconnected membranous sacs which are stacked in columns called grana
0; death – at equilibrium, ∆G equals _____, which means _____

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