Mass Comm And Society

closed circuit television (cctv) – Television where the signal is sent through wires and serves only an extremely small, private predetermined area.
Juniors – The 2K fresnel (also known as a deuce or a junior)
Nonlinear editing – uses digital equipment to re-arrange scenes to make the master copy
shot – a series of consecutive frames recorded in one uninterrupted running of the camera
Nilo – Importante rio que transformou o Egito Antigo em um imenso oásis com mais de 1000 quilômetros de comprimento. De junho a outubro, suas águas inundavam as terras de ambas as margens.
Triumph of the Will – Riefenstahl, 1935
True – Many, if not most, movie industry directors, writers, and actors resented the Hays Office for limiting creativity (T/F)
Motion Picture Code – 1930 (Hays Code) was a self-regulation of sex on screen by the motion picture industry
Which of these was not one of the 5 majors in the studio system era?
Expectation (Form) – Delivers reactions based off the assumptions of the viewer.
chiaroscuro lighting – low-key lighting that highlights contrast of dark and light, commonly used in film noir
Goals of Fin-Syn Rules – preventing networks from producing programs they broadcast during primetime, stimulating competition between independent producers, promoting diversity of content
what system was "born" during the silent ear where people began to be associated with specific studios? – Star system
Which оf these wаs nоt оne of the 5 mаjors in the studio system erа?
Frequency – the number of times a signal vibrates each second as expressed in cycles per second (cps) or Hertz (hz). (Sound)
framing – The process by which the cinematographer determines what will appear within the borders of the moving image (the frame) during a shot.

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