Use Computer Operating System

interactive voice response – Mobile phones also offer interfaces to databases, through ______, text messages, special apps, or the smartphone's web browser.
Using the 8-step problem solving process provides a ___ and ___ Format. – Concise and Common
structural frame – A frame that deals with how the organization is structured (usually depicted
in an organizational chart) and focuses on different groups' roles and responsibilities to meet the
goals and policies set by top management
Taxonomy – Also known as a classification scheme, to organize information into meaningful categories so that it can be easily accessed.
Telehealth – -Client monitoring
-Diagnostic evaluation
-Client education
-File transfer and storage
-Used by NASA and the military
-Cost containment
->decreased travel expenses
Earlier/easier access to healthcare
->specialists, diagnostics
hyperlink – Web page address embedded in a word, phrase, or graphic that, when clicked, transports users to that address
ADT – In hospitals, automated systems for registering patients and tracking their
encounters are commonly known as _____ systems.
Which of the following best describe workers' compensation insurance? – Insurance system covering healthcare cost associated with work-related injuries.
Hospital Standardization Program – inaugurated in 1918 by the ACS to raise the standards of surgery by establishing minimum quality standards for hospitals. pg 6 text
In the following project network, given the information provided, you know for certain that activity (or activities) _____________  has (have) a slack of zero.
Procurement Management Processes – Plan Purchases and acquisition
Plan contracting
Request Seller responses
Select Sellers
Contract administration
Contract closure
e-commerce – trade that takes place between companies, and between companies and individual customers, using IT and the Internet.
online analytical processing (OLAP) – _______________________________________ systems allow users to interactively retrieve meaningful infromation from data, examing it from many different perspectivies and drilling down into specific groupings.
data abstracts – data abstracts …a defined and standardized set of data points or elements common to a patient population that can be regularly identified in teh health records of the population and coded for use and analysis in database management systems
Conversion (Related to the Web) – number of visitors who buy something
Rules and regulations – Operating documents that describe the rules and regulations under which a healthcare organization operates
In the fоllоwing prоject network, given the informаtion provided, you know for certаin thаt activity (or activities) _____________  has (have) a slack of zero.
Administrative and clinical – The two major types of data that are contained in the health record
Remote patient monitoring device – …

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