10th Grade Ap Chemistry: Chemical Symbols

-ate – has one more oxygen than -ite
d-subblock – The set of elements in the group 3B to 2B columns. These elements have their last electron filling in a 'd' orbital. Also called the transition metals.
Ionic Structure – Cation and anions in a 3d arrangement
-Conductive when liquid, brittle, dull, High melting+boiling point
In an experiment why do we normally repeat each condition at least 3 times? – We repeat at least 3 times to increase reliability – allowing us to spot anomalies and calculate a reliable average
Negative ion – Formed when non-metal atoms gain electrons to their outer shell.
florence flask – for making up solutions to a known volume
ion – a positively or negatively charged atom or (covalently bonded) group of atoms (molecular ion)
pure chemistry – the pursuit of chemical knowledge for its own sake
Convert from Celsius to Kelvin – Add 273 to the Celsius value
Which element is a noble gas?
SPATULA – Flat instrument used to dispense small amounts of solids/powders.
Magnetism – The attraction of a polarized metal to certain metals.
Free Energy – Maximum work a system can do and still have a spontaneous process
Which element is а nоble gаs?
Suspensions – Solids mixted into liquids, they are heterogeneous mixtures
Electronegativity – A measure of an atom's attraction for the shared electrons of a bond; a large difference in
electronegativities producing the most polar (or ionic) bonds.
Define Hydrocarbon. – A compound of hydrogen and carbon atoms only.
hints of a chemical change – heat or light given off, gas made, color change, and precipitate

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