Chapter 4 Double Entry Accounting

Chart of Accounts. – A list of all the account titles and the account numbers assigned to them.
Dividends – Payments of cash from a corporation to its stockholders.
Equity – what remains- owner's residual claim to the assets
Accounting cycle – the accounting period of a business is separated into activities that help the business keep its accounting records in an orderly fashion.
Copyrights – Is the exclusive right to publish, use, and sell a literary, musical, or artistic work.
Shareholders – Have the right subject to the by-laws to vote on corporate matters and to share in dividends, based on how many shares they own.
Leasehold improvements – Alterations or improvements to leased property such as partitions and storefronts.
suspend – Zahlungen einstellen
Accounting – Communicate information to users so they can make an informed decision
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mercadería de reventa – goods for resale
Common Types of Long-Term Capital Investments: – 1. Purchasing new equipment to reduce costs.
2. Purchasing new property or equipment for expansion.
3. Replacing equipment currently used.
4. Purchasing another company.
5. Adding a new product line that requires additional long-term assets.
Principles & Assumptions of Accounting 5: Full disclosure principle – requires a company to report the details behind financial statements that would impact users decisions
reconocimiento de ingresos – revenue recognition
investee – متلقي الاستثمار
transaction – a particular kind of event that involves transferring something of value between two entities
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Step 1 – Step of Closing Process: Close revenue accounts and cost of goods sold accounts with credit balances to Income Summary.

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