Holt Biology Chapter 3

Quantitative – type of data that uses a number (i.e. weight, height, count, etc); it is measured or counted
Phase – One of three forms- solid, liquid or gas- which every substance is capable of attaining.
What is an alcohol? – Organic compound with a hydroxyl group attached to one of its carbon atoms.
cytoplasmic streaming – the motion of cytoplasm in a cell that results in a coordinated movement of the cell's contents
Glycolysis – The first step in cellular respiration
Polysaccharide – Three or more monosaccharides linked together form a ______________.
Relative dating – A method of determining the age of fossils by comparing them to other fossils in different layers of rock
True breeding – If an organism has a certain characteristic that is always passed on to its offspring, we say that this organism bred true with respect to that characteristic.
dependent variable – changes in response to the independent variable
The combining form stern/o is defined as
Group of Cells – Tissues, organs, and organ systems
Cephalothorax – A body region composed of the head and thorax fused together
Alleles – Alternative forms of genes which give rise to differences in the inherited characteristics.
What structures arise from the mesoderm? – musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, connective tissue, excretory system, and gonads
The cоmbining fоrm stern/о is defined аs
mixtures – Two or more substances that are mixed together.

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