cash discounts – A deduction from the invoice price granted to induce early payment of the amount due.
extraordinary profit & loss – rendkívüli eredmény
In a periodic inventory system the entry to record the sale of merchandise on account affects which of the following accounts?
A. Cost of Goods Sold.
B. Purchases.
C. Inventory.
D. Sales Revenue. – D
Units-of-production depreciation – Method that charges a varying amount to depreciation expense for each period of an asset's useful life depending on its usage.
ROA profit driver analysis – decrease in ROA from previous year means firm earned X less for each $ of investment (vis versa)
Required minimum ROI – Required Income/Average operating assets
Causes of a favorable variable overhead efficiency variance might include using lower-skilled workers than expected. – False
assets equation – liabilities + owner's equity
sales invoice – an invoice used as a source document for recording a sale on account
An 18.0 g sample of liquid water at 42.0 °C releases 979 J of heat energy. What is the final temperature of the water? The specific heat of liquid water is 4.184 J/g °C.
sole proprietorship – work alone
Notes payable is a what liability – Cannot determine its classification without additional information.
Going concern – assumption that business will continue
An 18.0 g sаmple оf liquid wаter аt 42.0 °C releases 979 J оf heat energy. What is the final temperature оf the water? The specific heat of liquid water is 4.184 J/g °C.
Closing Formula – (C-W+R-E)
total R-total E = (+ or -)
C +/- =
Ending Capital (will be beginning capital next month.
capital – money used to grow a business
corporation – own by the people

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