Political Science Exam 3

Civil Rights – The constitutionally guaranteed rights that the government may not arbitrarily remove. Among these rights are the right to vote and equal protection under the law.
European People's Party, Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe – EU
Criminal Case – a court case involving crime or violation of public order; state and local function – government prosecutes; against the state
Inoculating leak – • Negative info is leaked to the press early by the person it involves (purposelyleaked bad info about your past so they do a story)
Distribution of Power – Three forms:

1) Unitary

2) Confederation

3) Federalism

constituency – The people in a district represented by a legislator.
Miller vs California (1973) – Redefined some of the language community became local and prurient became patently offensive
What would be a good description of the role of vice presidents in the past thirty years?
What was affirmative action? – programs intended to make up for past discrimination by helping minority groups and women gain access to jobs and opportunities
Cabinet Departments – Responsible for one broad policy area, they do not control it, but rather are the government "experts" in that field. (Dept. of Education, Homeland Security, Defense, Health and Human Services)
Pendleton Act – Reform measure that established the principle of federal employment in the basis of open, competitive exams and created the Civil Service Commission.
Legislative Branch – The branch of government that consists of Congress. They propose bills and pass them into laws.
Majority leader of the House – the majority party's leader in the House of Representatives
Conservatives – More traditional. There are two types of conservatives: traditional and social. Tradition conservatives are more economically conservative, while social conservatives are more religiously conservatives.
Whаt wоuld be а gооd description of the role of vice presidents in the pаst thirty years?
Has the 2nd Amendment been incorporated to the states? – No it's a federal thing
conference committee – a special joint committee appointed to reconcile differences when bills pass the two chambers of Congress in different forms
Positivism – A philosophy developed by Saint-Simon and Comte . Positivists believed that social and economic problems could be solved by the application of the scientific method, leading to continuous progress. Popular in France and Latin America.
War – Violent conflict between two or more organized groups fought for POLITICAL REASONS – 1000 deaths per year
indirect democracy – a system of government that gives citizens the opportunity to vote for representatives who work on their behalf

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