Retirement – Leaving a job and not working.
Eurobonds – are issued outside of the issuer's home country and denominated in an international currency.
cash basis accounting – a method of accounting whereby revenue is recorded when physical cash is actually received
Discount Rate – The rate the Fed charges for loans to its member banks and it can move money into, or out of, commercial banks by buying or selling government bonds.
stockholders – The owners of a corporation, whose ownership, or equity, takes the form of either common stock or preferred stock.
Open Interest – The total number of contracts written on an option contract.
Receivable's Turnover – = Sales/Accounts Receivable
In ________, current prices already reflect the price history and volume of the stock as well as all available public information.
Mutual fund – – a large, professionally managed group of investments
Pure Discount Loans (Loan Type) – Borrower pays a single lump sum at some time in the future.
Price Earnings Ratio – Price Per Share / Earnings Per Share
SWOT analysis – Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
Risk Tolerance – How much you are willing to risk. High risk: old people. Low risk: Young people. (irrevelent of the wealth)
points / loan discount points – prepaid interest assessed at closing by the lender.
Equal to 1% of loan amount.
In ________, current prices аlreаdy reflect the price histоry аnd vоlume оf the stock as well as all available public information.
construction loan – short term financing with funds advanced periodically during the stages of construction- a term loan
car payment – money to pay each month for a loan to buy a car
Deductible – Amount you pay before insurance company gives you money

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