Fin: Ch 1: Accounting Information For Decision Making

segmented I/S – info for evaluating the profitability and performance of divisions
Current assets – Current liabilities – = working assets or working capital
Certified public accountant (CPA) – the designation for an individual who has passed a uniform exam administered by the AICPA and has met other requirements as determined by individual states
Long-term liabilities – obligations that stretch out beyond one year. LTD (loans, bonds or mortgages), Pension obligations and Deferred taxes
Accrual Accounting – recording in each fiscal period applicable expenses, whether paid or not, and income earned.
comparability – összevethetĹ‘ség
skills – the activities that a persondoes well
Explain debits and credits and their role in the accounting system. Include in your answer an explanation of the double-entry system. – c.
The most abundant greenhouse gas in the earth's atmosphere is ________________.
Convertible bond – Can be changed to common stock at a set price
Adjusting Entries – A journal entries made to update accounts for items that were not recorded during the accounting period.
applied overhead – overhead assigned to production using predetermined
Statement of Financial Position – what are the other names for balance sheet
dividends – distributions by a corporation to its stockholders
deudas u obligaciones a pagar – payables
The mоst аbundаnt greenhоuse gаs in the earth's atmоsphere is ________________.
Stockholder's equity – the stockholder's ownership interest in the assets of a corporation.
1930s – security act securities exchange
Depreciation – =cost of item/# of years

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