Fin: Ch 1: Accounting Information For Decision Making

annual report – Document distributed to share holders and other interested parties that contains financial statements , notes to the financial statements
Trend Analysis – Compares a single observation over several years
Trial balance – A list of all accounts showing the title and balance of each account. By totaling the debits and credits, their equality can be tested
Direct Labor cost – use employees to convert materials into finished goods products.
Notes to the financial statements – Provides additional explanation or detail to make the financial statements more informative
double entry accounting/double entry bookkeeping – a process of recording equal debits and credits for a single business transaction
Over and over, survivors interviewed said that having ________ was one of the things that sustained them. 
Statement of Cash Flows – The key financial statement for the survival of every business.
cash-flow statement – pénzforgalmi jelentés
Capital Expenditure – Expenditure that can impact on the business for more than a year
Neutrality is an ingredient of this primary quality of accounting information. – Faithful representation.
Over аnd оver, survivоrs interviewed sаid thаt having ________ was оne of the things that sustained them. 
disclosures – measuring the value of future cash flows from oil and gas reserves for disclosure in supplementary information
declaration date – board approves dividend

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