#6 Biology Eca Practice Set 2014

cell wall – a rigid structure on the outside of certain cells, usually plant and bacteria cells
endocrine system – The system of glands that produce endocrine secretions that help to control bodily metabolic activity.
pinocytosis – process by which a cell takes in liquid from the surrounding environment
compound – A substance composed of atoms of two or more elements linked by chemical bonds
Allosteric – Denoting the alteration of the activity of a protein through the binding of an effector molecule at a specific site.
repressor – A protein that blocks the transcription of a gene or operon.
A vacuole that holds the matter which a cell engulfs. – Phagocytic Vacuole
6.3.8 Discuss the cause, transmission and social implications of AIDS – cause:
human immunodeficiency virus / HIV / HIV 1 and HIV 2;
retrovirus / RNA to DNA;
enters T-helper cells;
immune system becomes disabled / weakened;
greater chance for opportunistic infections;
sexually transmitted;
can be transmitted from man to woman;
saliva and other body fluids;
use of dirty needles;
blood transfusions;
social implications of AIDS:
many orphaned children;
social stigma / discrimination;
problems obtaining employment / life insurance;
costs on health systems of treating people;
early death reduces family income;
drug treatment expensive;
encourages use of condoms;
denaturation – a process in which a protein unravels and loses its native shape under extreme conditions of pH, salt concentration, or temperature, thereby becoming biologically inactive
The formula for cardiac output. – Heart rate X stroke volume
Also how much blood the left ventricle pumps out per minute
The term that means inflammation of a tendon is
omnivore – organism that obtains energy by eating both plants and animals
glucagon – A hormone that stimulates the production of glucose, to raise the blood sugar level.
midrib – large central vein in a leaf
Cell wall – made of cellulose, provides rigid support for a plant cell
photon – a discrete quantity of light energy that behaves as if it were a particle
The term thаt meаns inflаmmatiоn оf a tendоn is
When electrons flow along the electron transport chains of mitochondria, which of the following changes occurs? – The pH of the matrix increases.
Uracil – The nitrogen base that replaces Thymine in RNA. Bonds with Adenine
Vacuole – A membrane-bounded "sac" within a cell.
Organization – The high degree of order within an organisms internal and external parts and in its interactions with the living world.
heterotrophs – obtain food by consuming other organisms

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