American Ballet Theatre Dictionary

hired car – прокатная машина
The body – In dance the body is the mobile figure or shape, felt by the dancer, seen by others.
What is Deaf West Theatre Company? – Hollywood based Sign Language Theatre; cast a mix of hearing impaired actors; used precision choreography to perform musical
A2 – Audio assistant, Backstage person
Magic If – imaginative leap that actors take to say that "I know this character's circumstances are not my own, but if they were, how would i feel? Put yourself in the shoes of the character and act upon their needs and wants
Plaster Line – line running from stage left to right, creates the X coordinate
the black crook – first musical theatre performance, 5.5 hrs long, used popular music
return ticket – обратный билет
to do sport – заниматься спортом
Scuff – Forward brush but with heel, end in air
the black crook – first musical theatre performance, 5.5 hrs long, used popular music
Interpreting theatre – Intent
Thrust stage – 3/4 Thrust, stage is "thrust" out into audience, limits/ changes lighting
strong, good at (subject) – силён/сильна/сильны
Jerry Mitchell – La Cage aux Folles, Legally Blonde, Hairspray, The Full Monty
Sarah Vaughan – (This person was a jazz singer) Who was best known to musicians and audiences as "The Divine One"?
Gene Kelly – More grounded
Athletic ability as a dance
acrobatic moves in dance
An American in Paris
Singing in the Rain- most famous dance sequences
What was the first notable musical theatre production? – Black crook by David Costa
-first to use dance to move the story line
Any ___ movement can be included in the act of dancing – human. dance steps, facial movements, lifts, carries, catches, walking

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