Exploring Creation With Biology Vocabulary Module 6

anticodon – Contained on tRNA, they are a compliment to the codon.
Experiments – Scientists study factors
population – a group of organisms of the same species occupying a given area.
Concentration gradient – A difference in the concentration of a substance across a distance.
ovule – A structure that develops within the ovary of a seed plant and contains the female gametophyte.
Nuclear envelope breaks down, centrioles separate and spindle forms – Prophase
Protein – Substance composed of chains of amino acids and containing the elements of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.
All of the following are likely complications that obese pregnant women may face except:
Provide an example of a mechanism that maintains the homeostasis in the human body – Shivering raises body temperature when you're cold and sweating lowers body temperature when you are hot.
Oxygen – The final electron acceptor at the end of the electron transport chain in cellular respiration
ciliate – A type of protozoan covered with tiny hair-like cilia which are used to sense, move, and feed.
heterotroph – an organism that depends on other organisms for food
chlorophyll a – Green pigment- does not absorb green light waves. It is the only pigment that can actually participate directly in the light reactions
carbohydrate – Member of the class of biological molecules consisting of single-monomer sugars (monosaccharides), two-monomer sugars (disaccharides), and polymers (polysaccharides).
Correlations – Reliable associations between two or more events.
All оf the fоllоwing аre likely complicаtions thаt obese pregnant women may face except:
golgi apparatus – organelle in cells that modifies, sorts, and packages proteins and other materials from the endoplasmic reticules for storage in the cell or release outside of the cell
Prokaryote – Single celled microorganisms that lack a nucleus (ex. bacteria).
anatomy – The study of the structure of an organism.
Fitness – How well an organism can survive and reproduce in its environment
Crossing over – the exchange of corresponding regions on chromosomes during meiosis

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