Exploring Computer Science Scratch Quiz

Java has ___ binary integer arithmetic operations. – Five
Writer Impress Calc Draw Base – 5. What OpenOffice.org programs did we use this semester?
How can you slow down the animation – Increase the number of frames and decrease the frame rate
"foxtrot".substring( 2, 6 )
What is returned by substring? – "xtrot"
byte – a group of eight sequential bits (0 or 1)
Formatting – the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors so that the operating system can store and locate data and information on the disk
Grace Murray Hopper – developed first language translator programs. coined "computer bug"
Importable – Package code that can be used by an application
Library – A set of precompiled functions that can be included in programs.
Which of the following statements about the try/finally statement is NOT true?
When we plug in the computer, what do we actually need? – a power source
Fourth Amendment – The U.S Constitution protects a person's right to privacy from intrusion by the government via the Fourth Amendment
Domain – These options are a part of a ______ name: .gov .edu .com .org .net
Word Processing Software – a program used for the production of documents
In Java, unsophisticated programmers falsely believe that all for loops have ______ bounds – infinite
Which оf the fоllоwing stаtements аbout the try/finаlly statement is NOT true?
Calculations – You can use Calc to organize and analyze data, and perform powerful

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