Ap Psychology: Unit 1

The *Fetal Stage* begins: – After 8 weeks, the Fetus further develops the organs and systems that existed in rudimentary form in the embryonic stage.
Psychotropic – Drugs which are psychologically active, there are four broad classes.
set point – natural point of stability in someone's body weight; causes people who diet to gain weight back
Conflict – When needs of one party effects the other
Neuroscience: – study of the study of the nervous system/brain-combines biology, psychology and neurology
Negative Symptoms – Affective Flattening
medulla – hindbrain structure that controls vital life functions such as breathing or circulation
Peripheral Nervous System – Links the rest of the body to the brain and spinal cord.
pons – controls coordinated movement
Blindsight – A condition in which a person can respond to a visual stimulus without consciously experiencing it
Brandy is a terminally ill patient experiencing a slow decline with periodic crisis, likely soon followed by death. Which trajectory best describes Brandy's experience?
Neurotic needs (10.27) – Signs of neurosis in Horney's theory, these 10 needs are normal desires carried to a neurotic extreme.
negative correlation – in correlation, the two factors are going in opposite directions. EX: As the temperature goes up, hot chocolate consumption goes down.
Deviant – differing from the norm.
Narcolepsy – Sudden and irresistible onsets of sleep during normal waking periods.
Brаndy is а terminаlly ill patient experiencing a slоw decline with periоdic crisis, likely sоon followed by death. Which trajectory best describes Brandy's experience?
Broca's area – Located on left side of frontal lobe at bottom-middle
dependent variable – in an experiment, the factor that changes as a result of manipulation of one or more other factors (the independent variables)
Classical Conditioning – Learning in which neutral stimulus becomes associated with another STIMULUS that elicits a RESPONSE
A dissociative disorder in which one experiences amnesia and then flees to a new location – What is dissociative fugue?
Availability heuristic – The estimated probability of an event on the ease with which relevant instances come to mind.

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