Locus of control – Degree to which people believe they have control over what happens to them
we learn from each other – social learning
production deviance – unethical behavior that hurts the quality and quantity of work produced
time horizon – duration time of a plan
Top Managers – Make decisions about the direction of the organization
Competitive advantage – is the organization's distinctive edge for meeting customer needs
Innovations in HRM – becoming an employer of choice, using temporary and part time employees, and promoting work-life balance
Basic Perception Process – Attention – the process of noticing or becoming aware of particular stimuli.
Organization – the process of incorporating new information into your existing knowledge.
Interpretation – the process of attaching meaning to new knowledge.
Retention – the process of remembering interpreted information. – what we recall and commit to memory after we've perceived something.
Leader Member Exchange Model (LMX) – In group: Leaders and followers develop a reciprocal partnership based on trust, respect and liking

Out Group: Leaders are overseers who fail to create trust or respect

Dialectic Method – Foster a structured debate of opposing viewpoints prior to making decisions
As markets mature, 
Thomas Kilmann Inventory's Five modes of dealing with Conflict – 1. Competing
2. Collaborating
3. Compromising
4. Avoiding
5. Accommodating
supervisor – a manager whose main job is to direct work of employees.
Schema – A knowledge structure in the memory that helps one to organize and interpret information
idea incubator – an in-house program that procdes a safe harbor where idaes from employees throughout the organization can be developed without interference from company bureaucracy or politics
Compensation – Amount of money paid to an employee for work performed
As mаrkets mаture, 
Task significance – the extent to which the job affects the lives of other people within or outside the organization
balanced scorecard – a performance measurement tool that examines more than just the financial perspective
verbal inotation – emphasis given to words or phrases to convey meaning

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