Management Chapter 1 Tr

Hawthorne studies – The study we spoke about in class about the lights and how more light should mean more productivity. Although they conclude that it doesn't work this way.
strategic planning – The process of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organization's goals and capabilities and its changing marketing opportunities
responsible for – responsable de
Compliance – Reluctant agreement requiring prodding to satisfy minimum requirements
Characteristics of bureaucratic theory – Hierarchy; Division of labor; Centralized decision making; Relatively closed system; Codified rules; Formal communication
how do you create value to a product – -the transformation of raw materials or ideas
-into a product, service, or experience
-delivered to a client/ customer or member
The three primary participants in corporate governance are: (1) the shareholders, (2) the management (led by the chief executive officer), and (3) the employees.
protestant ethic- weber – people should work hard because those who prospered at work were more liekly to find a place in heaven
The Wilkinson video on poverty attempted to highlight – How economic inequality harms society
TQM techniques – -benchmarking
-six sigma
-reduced cycle time
MSDS – material safety data sheet; different sheet for each chemical used on site
creativity – the ability to combine ideas in a unique way or to make unusual associations between ideas.
Benefits of a small buisness – – easier communication
-people are more visable
– clearer identity
– more individual control
-individual must stretch
-More one on one communication
-Greater flexibility
-more creativity
-networks are more important
-the individual is frequently valued
-individuals required to be responcible
-often less formality
The three primаry pаrticipаnts in cоrpоrate gоvernance are: (1) the shareholders, (2) the management (led by the chief executive officer), and (3) the employees.
Social Entrepreneurs – An individual who pursues initiatives and opportunities and mobilizes resources to address social problems and need in order to improve society and wellbeing though creative solutions.

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