Biology Ch2 All Vocab (olczyk)

Amylopectin – Amylopectin is a polymer if glucose (like Amylose), but it has side branches. Each branch is held onto the main chain with a 1,6 glycosidic link.
stroma – Fluid inside chloroplasts that surrounds the thykaloids. It is high in H+ that are used to drive ATP synthesis
Evaporating Cooling: – 1. Sweat glands pours H2O onto skin surface.
2. Blood vessel expand to bring up heat to the surface.
3. Heat from blood evaporates sweat(cooling the organism).
4. Surface hair lies flat to reduce volume of trapped air.
Tertiary Structure – Folding of the secondary structures by the interactions of the Variation Groups in the Amino Acid
ecology – scientific study of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment
light-dependent reactions – The first stage in photosynthesis, occuring the presence of light. The light captured is used in the production of ATP
Air in the chest cavity
independent assortment – The random distribution of the pairs of genes on different chromosomes to the gametes.
Phylum Pteridophyta – phylum mentioned that contains many of the seedless vascular plants
Air in the chest cаvity
Scrotum – The sac that hangs behind the penis and holds the testicles.
Observable events – Shows that evolution is an ongoing process. Eg: Peter and Rosemary Grant's Study of Beak Size Shift in Darwin's Flinches, H. Kettlewell's study of Peppered Moth Color Shifts
liter – Basic unit of volume in the metric system
cell wall – rigid structure that gives protection, support, and shape to cells in plants, algae, fungi, and bacteria.

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