Accounting Ii Chapter 21 Vocabulary

Profit Margin – net income/ net sales
Retained earnings – Balance sheet
Owners'/stockholders' equity
What rate represents the investors demand for loaning funds to the corporation? – Market interest Rate
Trial balance – A proof of the equality of debits and credits in a general ledger.
correspondent – one who regularly reports local news or writes special articles to a newspaper
The primary difference between a note receivable and an account receivable is – a note receivable is evidenced by a written debt instrument
Capital – Financial investment in a business; equity.
International Financial Reporting Standards – International accounting standards set by the International Accounting Standard Board.
fixed asset – befektetett eszköz, (állóeszköz)
Decrease Inventory – Increase asset
Put the following in size order with #1 being the largest structure and #5 being the smallest.
5 Types of accounts – Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, Expenses
asset – an economic resource that is expected to be of benefit in the future.
What side of the journal entry are Cash Dividends recorded on when a company declares a cash dividend? – Debit
Put the fоllоwing in size оrder with #1 being the lаrgest structure аnd #5 being the smаllest.
Liabilities increase with – Credit

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