Internship Management Ii Retail

top manager – a manager who establishes organizational goals, decides how departments should interact, and monitors the performance of middle managers
Self-managed teams – are defined as groups of workers who are given administrative oversight for their task domains
Prospector strategy – innovative firm constantly finding new markets, opportunities, and looking for growth and risk taking
Components of a product – packaging, warranty, service and brand
Management Style – The way a manager treats and involves employees.
Intrinsic – Self- granted payoffs (sense of accomplishment)
The knowledge about, and to work with, other people as a skill, Robert Katz labelled:
Power – that which enables one to accomplish goals. Or the capacity to act or the strength and potency to accomplish something
to be conscientious – būti sąžiningam, doram
Short- term orientation – A worldview that values personal stability or happiness and living for the present
The knоwledge аbоut, аnd tо work with, other people аs a skill, Robert Katz labelled:
Managing Diversity – Affirmative Action (next advancement)(Progressivism):
-Management commitment to hiring and advancing women and minorities

Valuing Differences:
-Education and training to understand and respect differences
-build quality relationships with respect for diversity; education and training to understand and respects diversity

Managing Diversity:
-Building an inclusive network that allows everyone to reach his or her potential; achieve full utilization of diverse human resources

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