Miller And Levine Biology Ch 2

phagocytosis – a type of endocytosis in which the cell membrane engulfs large particles
ectothermic – Known as "cold blooded", these animals lack the ability to generate heat internally, and their body temperate varies with the outside temperature. They have to regulate their temperature through their environment.
sepal – A modified leaf in angiosperms that helps enclose and protect a flower bud before it opens.
operon – in prokaryotes, a group of adjacent genes that shares a common operator and promoter and are transcribed into a single mRNA
Addictions – Drugs, alcohol, and game
element – a substance that cannot be broken down to other substances by chemical reactions
Incision into the common bile duct to remove a stone
endoplasmic reticulum – carries proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another
tetrad – structure containing 4 chromatids that forms during meiosis
Incisiоn intо the cоmmon bile duct to remove а stone
lysosome – An organelle containing digestive enzymes
photosystem – A cluster of pigments embedded into a thylakoid membrane.
What is deductive reasoning? – Deductive reasoning uses general premises to make specific predictions
egestion – The process in which undigested waste products are eliminated.

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