Essentials Of Contemporary Management 5th Ed (chapter 6)

measurable (goal) – išmatuojamas (tikslas)
execution – aligning people with goals, and achieve results promised (??'s analysis, and follow-through)
recovery – action taken after the retrenchment of a company to return to growing
International Mail – mail sent to an address outside of the United States
Country Club management (1,9) – Thoughtful attention to the needs of people for satisfying relationships leads to a comfortable, friendly organization atmosphere and work tempo.
Contingent Workers – Used for temporary work – usually highly specialized skill – allows company to be flexible without hefty cost of full time workers
Functional Managers – Managers responsible for leading a particular function or a subunit within a function.
  When  people or countries behave recklessly with their money, because they know that they'll be saved if things go wrong, it is referred to as a
Fayols 5. Centralization – Authority should not be concentrated at the top
Human relation skill – Understanding how to get along with and manage people
Group think – Tendency of members of highly cohesive teams to lose their critical evaluative capabilities and make poor decisions
Elton Mayo – Conducted the famous Hawthorne Experiments. His work represents the transition from scientific management to the early human relations movement.
Exporting – a company produces goods domestically and sells them outside the country
limited partnership – 2 classes of partners (general and limited partner)
-advantage=access to equity and financing multiple owners in return for partnership shares
  When  peоple оr cоuntries behаve recklessly with their money, becаuse they know thаt they'll be saved if things go wrong, it is referred to as a
legal/illegal interview questions: transportation – i. Legal: do you have reliable transportation to & from work?
ii. Illegal: means of transportation
what are the four stages of strategic planning? – Analysis, formulation, implementation, and control.
(The strategy process)business strategy – one for each business, general managers with senior executive input
Personality Traits – Enduring tendencies to feel, think, and act in certain ways

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