Essentials Of Contemporary Management 5th Ed (chapter 10)

Controlling – Managers use a variety of measures to monitor performance:
Controlling work processes
Regulating employee behavior
Systems for financial resources
Evaluating profitability
Contingency plan – Alternative plan
Human Resources inventory – A report listing your organization's employees by name, education, training, languages, and other important information.
Illness – a state in which a person's bio-psycho-social intellectual and spirited functioning is diminished or impaired
Management – The planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals effectively and efficiently.
Hierarchical controls – include the monitoring of behavior through rules, policies, reward systems, and written documentation
Expectancy theory equation – Motivation = expectancy * instrumentally * valence
STP – Segmentation- customers aren't all the same
Targeting- Attracting some of those customers makes more sense than going after others
Positioning- communicate you benefits clearly to your intended customers
Collective bargaining – negotiations between management and employees about disputes over compensation, benefits, working conditions, and job security
Primary activities contribute to the physical creation of a product or service, its sale and transfer to the buyer, and its service after the sale.
Employee referrals are a good recruitment strategy in that: – current employees are not likely to recommend someone undesirable for a job
six sigma – a quality program designed to reduce defects, help lower costs, save time, and improve customer satisfaction
Primаry аctivities cоntribute tо the physicаl creatiоn of a product or service, its sale and transfer to the buyer, and its service after the sale.
1920s-1960s – Public Realions
Two-way asymmetrical (Power differential) (Source-reciever-source)
Low uncertainty avoidance – society does not mind ambiguous situations
using "rules of thumb" to simplify decision making – heuristics
Cohesion – a "we" feeling emerges as everyone becomes truly involved.
Moral-rights approach – respect for fundamental rights of human beings e.g. constitution

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