Gcse Chemistry C2 Ocr

density – The mass per unit volume of a substance.
Substance which takes the shape of whatever container it is in. No defined shape or volume. – Gas
Applied Chemistry – Research that is directed toward a practical goal or application.
Law of Conservation of Energy – The law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed from one form to another.
NaBH4 – Sodium borohydride is a reagent for the reduction of ketones and aldehydes, it will also reduce acid halides. It is also used in the oxymercuration reaction to replace mercury with H.
Following overnight fasting, hypoglycemia in adults is defined as a glucose of:

a <70 mg/dL (<3.9 mmol/L)
b <60 mg/dL (<3.3 mmol/L)
c <55 mg/dL (<3.0 mmol/L)
d <45 mg/dL (<2.5 mmol/L) – d <45 mg/dL (<2.5 mmol/L)

d Diagnosis of hypoglycemia in adults.

test tube rack – used as a place to set test tubes in their upright position
In the phase diagram for water, what is meant by the triple point and the critical point? – Triple point: indicates the temperature and pressure conditions at which the solid, liquid, and vapor coexist at equilibrium

Critical point: critical temperature and critical pressure

polyatomic ion – 2 or more elements combined and form an ionic charge
Astatine-202 undergoes radioactive decay to produce bismuth-198. What kind of decay is this?
EXOTHERMIC – Creates heat when two chemicals are combined.
1.What is an atom? – A very small particle that makes up most kinds of matter and consists of smaller parts called: protons , neutrons and electrons.
Partial Pressure Equation of gas (A) – PA = XA · PT
XA = mole fraction of gas A
PT = total pressure
Do covalent bonds share or transfer electrons to form a bond? – Share
Diamond – – covalent bond with 4 others.
– form tetrahedrally
– Bond angle of 109.5 degress
– Hardest known element on earth.
– Has localized electrons
– which therefore is non-conductive of electricity
23)What is an amphoteric substance? – Amphoteric Compounds –
substance that can react as either an acid or a base
Molecular Formular – Actual number of atoms in each element in a molecule
Astаtine-202 undergоes rаdiоаctive decay tо produce bismuth-198. What kind of decay is this?
control – The standard in an experiment such that whatever factors are being tested, they are not applied to it.
Precipitate – A solid that forms from solution during a chemical reaction
15. What are some physical properties of metals, nonmetals and metalloids? – Metals are ductile, malleable, receivers of electrons, conductors of electricity in their solid state, and can bond metallically. Nonmetals are brittle, gaseous at room temperature, nonconductors, can bond covalently, and gives away electrons. Metalloids have properties of both metals and nonmetals.
Completion vs Reversable Reaction – Completion Reaction- ALL of the reactants are reacted into different products
Reversible Reaction- the reactants form products that, in turn, react together to give the reactants back.
*Reversible reactions will reach an equilibrium point where the concentrations of the reactants and products will no longer change.

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