Computer Science Basics

string operators – CPSC-110
iteration: for i in s:
concatenation: + s+'11' is 'CPSC-11011'
replication: * s*2 is 'CPSC-110CPSC-110'
indexing: s[2] and s[-6] are 'c'
membership: '<char>' in '<string>' 'c' in s ->T
slicing: s[1:3] and s[-7:-5) are 'PS'
getState – used to determine whether a checkbox is checked
Acceptance Testing – Testing performed by user when system is finished. Based on Requirements Specification
Read Only Memory (ROM) – Part of the computer memory. Can not be altered by a program
List and explain different transmission mediums. wired (4) and wireless (5) – •UTP: 10baseT[100m], 100baseT[100m], 1000baseTx[220m] •STP (shielded from electromagnetic interference)
•coaxial: 10base2[185m], 10base 5[500m] •Fiber: 10baseF[2000m] •IR
•broadcast radio: through air over long distances
•cellular: from cell towers
•microwave: high speed radio waves
•satellite: microwaves through space.
Write the code for a function called reverse() that is passed the army of letters and the numbers of n,a nd reverses the contents. – void reverse(char letters[], int n)
// declarations
int first=0, last=n-1, temp;
// processing
while (first < last) {
temp = letters[first];
letters[first] = letters[last];
letters[last] = temp;
last –;
blank document – the default templates of a document
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – Information systems that correct a lack of communication among the FAISs by tightly integrating the FAISs via common database
Consider the following code snippet: JFrame frame = new JFrame();JPanel panel = new JPanel();Which statement would add the panel to the frame?
when evaluating formulas, the __ of parentheses is evaluated first – innermost set
initialization – calls object into being
Integration – In silicon technology, the ability to fabricate both active and connective parts of a circuit using a family of compatible materials in a single complexity independent process
Source File – Text file that contains all C++ commands and carries the extension .CPP
instantiation – construction of an object of a given class
Parallel Processing – multiple processors can sometimes be utilized to share the computational load
Cоnsider the fоllоwing code snippet: JFrаme frаme = new JFrаme();JPanel panel = new JPanel();Which statement would add the panel to the frame?
Number system in base 16 that can be easily converted into binary – Hexadecimal

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