Dive Chemistry Lesson 7

dilute – when solute concentration is low
Solid – Defined shape, tightly packed, volume
Periodic table – Elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number
electrochemical cell – gives an electric current with a steady voltage as a result of an electron transfer reaction
coefficients – the number in front of a chemical formula to balance equations in a chemical reaction
normality – The number of equivalents of solute for each liter of solution, used to measure concentration.
Strong base – a base that completely dissociates into metal ions and hydroxide ions in aqueous solution
standard electrode potential – is electrode potential of a half cell relative to a standard hydrogen half-cell, measured under standard conditions (101.3 kPa; 298 K; all solutions (including [H⁺(aq)]) at 1 mol dm⁻³.
What functions do proteins perform? – metabolism (enzymes), defense (antibodies), transport (hemoglobin), structure (collagen) motion (actin and myosin), regulation (hormones)
List some of the common independent variables seen used when labeling graphs in chemistry. – Temperature, Time, Distance, Density, Pressure, Heat, Volume

Answer to SOL question: J

You cannot make a bomb from uranium ore as it occurs in nature because it
Periodic table – The vertical columns–>Are called–>Groups–>The horizontal rows–>Are called–>Periods–>The–>Row–>An element is in–>is the same as–>The number of–>Energy levels–> it has.
CaCO₃ – calcium chlorate solution mixed with a sodium carbonate solution
Sodium determination by indirect ion selective electrode is falsely decreased by:
a elevated chloride levels
b elevated lipid levels
c decreased protein levels
d decreased albumin levels – b elevated lipid levels

b Interferences with indirect ISE methods.

Nucleus – the small, dense, positively charged area in the center of an atom where protons and neutrons are found
density – mass per unit volume
What is the equation for a nonstandard cell potential? – Ecell = E' – (0.0592/n)logQ
n = moles of e- transferred
Q = [products]/[reactants]
Yоu cаnnоt mаke а bоmb from uranium ore as it occurs in nature because it
strong/weak acid/base HNO3 – strong acid
nonmetal – The group of elements that are characterized as being poor conductors, and the tendency to gain electrons in a reaction.
quantum numbers – Set of numbers used to completely describe an electron

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