Dive Biology Terms Lesson 33

Codominance – An inheritance relationship in which neither of two alleles of the same gene totally mask the other
energy pyramid – model that shows the biomass productivity at each trophic level of an ecosystem
chemical change – Takes place in definite proportions, and results in the formation of new compounds and/or elements.
van der Waals forces – slight attraction that develops between oppositely charged regions of nearby molecules
restriction site – A specific sequence on a DNA strand that is recognized as a cut siteby a restriction enzyme.
Amino acids – Proteins are made of _____ _____.
endergonic reaction – Reaction that absorbs free energy from its surroundings.
What is the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells? – Embryonic stem cells are easier to find and can form a greater range of cells.
Use the following diagram for the next two questions. Identify Structure B.
Phenotype – An organism's physical appearance, or visible traits.
Osmosis – The passive movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane, from a region of lower solute concentration to a region of higher solute concentration
Use the fоllоwing diаgrаm fоr the next two questions. Identify Structure B.
Amino acid – a monomer of a protein consisting of a central carbon, a hydrogen atom, an amino group, a carboxylic acid, and a variable R group
Fertilisation – The process by which the male gamete fuses with the female gamete to form a zygote.
disruptive selection – Selection of individuals at both ends of the spectrum but not the average. If strong/long enough new species can arrive

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