Discovering Psychology 4 & 5

manager attributes worker performance to disposition – coworkers attribute it to situation
central nervous system (CNS) – the brain and spinal cord
olfactory system – parts of the nose and the pathway that transfer olfactory information to the brain
Biomedical therapies – Treatments that focus on altering the brain, especially with drugs, psychosurgery, or electroconvulsive therapy
Intellegence – Human ability to solve problems using knowledge
superego – the part of the personality representing the conscience, formed in early life by internalization of the standards of parents and other models of behavior.
skin senses – sensory systems for processing touch, warmth, cold, texture, and pain
Knowing right from wrong is to ________ as “unlawful act was the product of mental disease” is to ________.
The socialization process is described by… – behavioral psychologists
Active Gene-Environment Correlation – Similarity between results of genetic and environmental influences due to the fact that children select contexts that they find rewarding and that therefore tend to maintain or strengthen their genetically influenced traits.
Knоwing right frоm wrоng is to ________ аs “unlаwful аct was the product of mental disease” is to ________.
Depepndent Variable (DV) – The "then" (the results) part of a hypothesis; varaible depends on the IV.
Zero Correlation – Value 0: No Correlation.

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