Introduction To Computer Science (vocabulary)

Socket – a combination of a host IP address and a port number
octal – The term _____ indicates a base 8 number.
Pixel – Smallest portion of a display or image
Object – entity with data and operations that can manipulate data
-can do stuff to it
loop statement – allows us to execute a statement or a group of statements multiple times.
Folder: – a way to organize files into logical and manageable groups
nand – not + and, multiplication and opposite
Arithmetic Logic units (ALU) – the collection of circuitry that performs actual operations on data. Basic operations may include addition, subtraction, and bit manipulations.
Dial Up-Modem – uses telephone line but can not be used at the same time
Objectdraw – Educational graphic package (shapes)
In the above figure, which box displays the formula in the formula bar?
PandA is short for _________. – Present and Absent
Interrupt Handler – miniprograms that immediately respond to when an interrupt occurs
Sensors – These measure temperature, light levels, pressure, humidity and
many other analogue events in the real world. These can then trigger processes and the appropriate output action as required. For example, if a thermistor (temperature sensor) reading is higher than 23°C, the computer could signal motors to open the greenhouse windows .Sensors are also used to track eye movement or head movement to allow disabled people to use
computers. Eye and head movements operate a pointer on the screen, instead of using a mouse.
get – Classes: BoundedGrid, UnboundedGrid
Parameters: Location
Returns: E (Object at Location)
Preconditions: Location is valid
exploit – program that takes advantage of security hole; reconfigures computer
In the аbоve figure, which bоx displаys the fоrmulа in the formula bar?
API – Documents that give details on how to use a class.
Wi-fi card – device that adds wireless connectivity to a laptop or desktop computer(GHz)
ASDIDM – Analyze- understand problem. Specify- state what problem is
Design- create how problem is solved
Implement- create code. Debug- test code Maintain- correct problems and add new capabilities
byte – a group of eight sequential bits (0 or 1)
Communications Software – Programs and apps that
1) Helps users establish a connection to another computer, mobile device, or network
2) Manage the transmission of data, instructions, and information
3) Provide an interface for users to communicate with one another

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