Computer Science Networking Acronyms

deterministic – Type of problem where the effect of an outcome is certain
Byte – 8 bits of data stored in memory
Manual – Capture data with mouse, keyboard, joystick, or touch screen.
What is a syntax error? – The computer does not understand what is written because the code does not follow the rules of the language
Reserved words – have a special meaning in a programming language and therefore cannot be used as a name by the programmer; ex. public or static
The four main sections of a console application – Declaration, Input, calculation, and output
What is a firewall? – Protects network; the wall before the internet that filters potentially harmful information before showing it
To display the current date and time, which is updated each time the workbook is reopened,use the TODAY function.
The Java virtual machine contains an agent called a _____________________ that periodically reclaims objects when they are no longer used. – garbage colector
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act – Designs can not be modified' is covered under which Act?
Pseudo code – Pseudo code is the first step to actual coding as it outlines the algorithm in the programming constructs but doesn't rely on any language specific syntax.
NOT – an inverter, turns logical values into the opposite. X=A'
group header – A _____ is the section printed at the beginning of each new group of records.
Tо displаy the current dаte аnd time, which is updated each time the wоrkbоok is reopened,use the TODAY function.
"Back ward" version of Kruskal's Algorithm – Start with the full graph, and begin deleting edges in order of decreasing order.

Make sure deleting edge e does not disconnect the graph.

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