Computer Science Ch 19 Study Guide

substring(x,y) – returns a section of the string from spot x to spot y not including y
Opportunity – exploiting system vulnerability when opportunity arouses
What is it called if you or someone else on the network has recently asked for that same name-address mapping, your local DNS will have stored that information and can then provide the mapping without having to query the DNS server chain
again? – cache
flat screen – плоский экран
third generation computer – operated on intergrated circuits
Random Access Memory – Memory in which each location can be accessed and changed
Interrupts – Signal that tells computer to pause whatever it's doing and process info, stores all current instructions into stack then returns stack to RAM
exitonclick – Exits the program.
A(n) footer appears at the top of each printed page.
SHORTCUT OPERATORS – Assignment statements that are shortcuts to perform variable changes.
concatenation – when two characters come together
Solution Explorer Window – the window that displays the list of the projects contained in the current solution and the items contained in each project
Other Threats (Preventing Malware) – ¤ Hoax
¤ Usually an email that gets passed along by
unsuspecting computer users who receive and
forward it on to their friends.
¤ Chain Letter
¤ What does a hoax do?
¤ Making you look foolish if you forward it
¤ Clogs people's email
¤ Slows down your network and the Internet
¤ Could ask you to do something that will damage your
<img src= "image.jpg"> – image source reference, "image.jpg" must be a pathname to a .jpg or .gif file
Page rank – The more a page is visited the higher rank it gets
Syntax error – Violating the rules of the language. A syntax error would prevent a program running. In Visual Logic, the program stops if it gets to a statement with a syntax error.
A(n) fооter аppeаrs аt the tоp of each printed page.
What does the vlookup do? – search vertically down the first column of the lookup table
Settings box – the right column of the Properties list; displays each property's current value (setting)

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