Management Midterm 1

amount – сумма, количество
Job design – refers to applying motivational theories to the structure of work to improve motivation, productivity and satisfaction
instant – мгновенный, мгновение
Leadership – management skill that focuses on the development and deployment of vision, mission and strategy as well as the creation of a motivated workforce
Training – Well-crafted training programs may be instrumental in bringing about culture change by teaching employees the new norms and behavioral styles
Key Practitioner – Ivy Lee (Rockefeller, mine strike)
Declaration of Priciples
Good policy makes good PR
Which priority rule sorts jobs by their processing times, with the shortest jobs being placed at the beginning of the sequence?
Technology Life Cycle – – A predictable pattern followed by a technological innovation, form its inception and development to market saturation and replacement.
Brainstorming – A process in which group members generate as many ideas about a problem as they can; criticism is withheld until all ideas have been proposed
Need Theories – Theories of motivation that focus on what needs people are trying to satisfy at work and what outcomes will satisfy those needs
Motivating Factors – • Factors associated with job satisfaction—achievement, recognition, responsibility and advancement—all of wich affect the job content or the rewards of work performance
Which priоrity rule sоrts jоbs by their processing times, with the shortest jobs being plаced аt the beginning of the sequence?
Team, Matrix-Project, Boundaryless, Learning – Contemporary Organizational Designs
Unity of direction – The efforts of all should be coordinated and focused on the same goal
delegation – authorizing subordinates to make certain decisions

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