Holt Biology Chapter 3

atomic mass – approximately equivalent to the number of protons and neutrons in an atom
Mitochondria – organelles that carry out cellular respiration, converts chemical energy of foods into chemical energy for the cell (ATP) "POWER HOUSE"
Fluid Mosaic Model – – modern theory of how the cell membrane is arranged
6.Cytoskeleton – network of proteins , such as microfilaments, inside a eukaryotic cell that supports and shapes the cell.
fertilization – Union of gametes.
cell membrane – same thing as plasma membrane; surrounds the cell and maintains homeostasis by controlling what enters/exits the cell
methyl group – A chemical group consisting of a carbon atom bonded to three hydrogen atoms.
Food Vacuole – A membranous sac, within a single cell, in which food is enclosed. Digestive enzymes are released into the vacuole, where intracellular digestion occurs.
The outer-most menigeial layer is considered to be the ____________.
Pyramid of energy – an illustration of the amount of energy in the bodies of organisms at each trophic level
chemical bonds – an attraction between two atoms resulting from a sharing of outer-shell electrons or the presence of opposite charges on the atoms. The bonded atoms gain complete outer electron shells
lipids – The class of organic molecules that contain a polar head and a nonpolar tail
hypothesis – An educated guess that attempts to explain an observation or answer a question.
The оuter-mоst menigeiаl lаyer is cоnsidered to be the ____________.
balance – used to measure mass
Commensualism – a type of symbiosis in which one organism benefits from the relationship while the other is neither helped nor harmed
experimental group – the group exposed to the factor being tested
annual plant – a plant which completes its life cycle from seed germination to seed production, followed by death within a single seam, regardless of how many times reproduction occurs
passive transport – movement of molecules across the cell membrane without energy input from the cell.

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