Pa Keystone Biology Vocabulary

Hereditary/genetic – Genetic/hereditary
heredity – The passing of traits from parent to offspring.
Exergonic reaction – A spontaneous reaction that releases energy.
d) they occur every several million years –
beaker – used for rough measuring and pouring of liquids
dormancy – A condition typified by extremely low metabolic rate and a suspension of growth and development.
haploid – An organism or cell having only one complete set of chromosomes
The Arthus reaction is considered to be which of the following hypersensitivity types?
estrogen – One of several chemically similar steroid hormones secreted by the gonads; maintains the female reproductive system and promotes the development of female body features.
Ribosomal RNA (r-RNA) – RNA that is a fundamental structural element of ribosomes
Nucleic acid – Macromolecule containing hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus; Examples: DNA & RNA; Monomers = nucleotides
Uric Acid – Nitrogenous metabolic
waste made by the
breakdown of nucleotides
and excreted by the
urinary system
malaria – Caused by a type of parasitic protozoan, called a Sporozoan, that infects the liver and blood.
products – ending materials of a reaction
The Arthus reаctiоn is cоnsidered tо be which of the following hypersensitivity types?
Freezing Point – The temperature at which a liquid changes state to a solid.

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