Humanities Midterm Study Guide (paintings And Structures)

multi-media – using two or more types of media together to create an art object such as glitter or beads on a painting
Die bruke – aggressive energy and jarring contrasts of color, jagged, linear compositions. (Ernst Kirchner)
Livability – A measure of how a cities environment quality combined with the services it offers contributes to a person's quality of life.
21. Why did Anthony and Cleopatra build an alliance? – To advance the political ambitions of Egypt and to govern a vast Roman world-state.
Living conditions for workers during the Industrial Revolution – Dirty and crowded, hardly any food
Lunisolar Calendar – based on the movements around the sun and the cycles of the moon; added a whole month every few years
Shu – god of air
father of Nut and Geb
married Tefnut
He was The Beatles’ manager, whose death in 1967 eventually led to internal problems among the band members.
Sufi – They are about Greater Jihad, basically about giving life to god.
Democratis – first to discover/ think of the atom, said that all matter consists of very small, indivisible particles called atoms
Sergei Prokofiew 1891-1953 – Russian composer
Pythagorus – Taught people the universe folowed the same laws that govern music and numbers he developed a way to determine the length of the sides of a triangle.
Agean and Greek culture "ism" – humanism
He wаs The Beаtles’ mаnager, whоse death in 1967 eventually led tо internal prоblems among the band members.
Faux pas – An embarrassing act or remark
What was Meroe well known for producing? – Iron
Georges seurat – Sunday afternoon island

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