Communications Test 1

understanding – interpreting the messages associated with sounds or what the sounds mean
Either of these could be ___________. – A. Charleses' paper
B. Charles' paper
C. Charles's paper **
D. the paper of Charles
Closed Episode – -Highly Scripted
-Episode Disrupted for those not following scripts
Paralanguage – Reinforce verbal
tone, pitch, laughter, quality and rate of speech, sighing, and clearing of throat
Remember minion video
control – the degree to which one participant is perceived to be more dominant or powerful
Hurtful messages – messages that criticize, tease, reject or otherwise cause an emotional injury to another
Speakers deliver informative speeches for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
Structure organisationnelle – Le fonctionnement des institution
organizational chart – spells out line of authority
oratory – speaking from memory
Speаkers deliver infоrmаtive speeches fоr аll оf the following reasons EXCEPT
Analogical language (2nd code) – – Serves more as personal interpretation
– More subjective even though it's rich in effectiveness and emotion
– Clarifies the level of relationship
Life law 6 – There is no reality, only perception
Proxemics (Factors affecting Communication) – Different Space
Communication – Considered by dentists to be 1 of 3 most important factors in delivery of care
une conversation – eine Unterhaltung

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