Biology Chapter 6: How Cells Harvest Chemical Energy

How does the pH in the interior of a lysosome compare with the pH in the rest of the cell? – The pH inside the lysosome is lower(more acidic).
Trachea – The trachea includes the windpipe or larynx in its upper portion, and the glottis, an opening that allows the gases to pass into the two branches known as the bronchi.
the legend – Short descriptive narrative concerning the graph's data
Cytoplasm – Semifluid material inside the cell's plasma membrane.
Range – Geographic area that encloses all of the habitats where a species lives
alleles – different forms a gene may have for a trait
A gland that secreates hormones into the blood stream is considered to be a(an) _________ gland.
steroids – A type of lipid whose carbon skeleton is in the form of four fused rings with various chemical groups attached. Examples are cholesterol, testosterone, and estrogen.
flukes – One of a group of parasitic flatworms.
loose connective tissue – The most widespread connective tissue in the vertebrate body. It binds epithelia to underlying tissues and functions as packing material, holding organs in place.
What connects the two photosystems in the light reactions?

A thylakoid
An electron transport chain
A chain of glucose molecules
The Calvin cycle – An electron transport chain

Product – he compounds that result from a chemical reaction
Aquatic – A term that describes an organism associated with a water environment.
The electrons stripped from glucose in cellular respiration end up in which compound? – water
A glаnd thаt secreаtes hоrmоnes intо the blood stream is considered to be a(an) _________ gland.
make own food – some plants and some bacteria can do this so they would both be producers.
primary tissue – The tissue above the maturation region that is formed during the primary growth of the root.
Symbiosis – Any relationship in which two species live closely together
Microfilaments – 'actin filaments' solid rods composed of mostly globular proteins called actin arranged in a double chain

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