Intro To Finance: Unit 2: Credit Management

Money market accounts – Is a type of savings account offered through a banking institution
-interest rates vary
-usually a minimum balance is required
-possible restriction on number of checks that can be written over a period of time and the amount I can't been written for
What is the amount you must pay-out-of-pocket of an auto or property insurance claim called? – Deductible
Estate – – all that a person owns, less debts owed, at the time of the person's death
Occupancy Rate – A ratio of residents to the total bed count in a facility.
Debit Card – a bank card that automatically deducts the amount of a purchase from the checking account of the cardholder
20.29 – What would you estimate as the cost of equity if a stock sells for $35, expects to pay a $5.00 dividend next year, and is expected to grow at a constant rate of 6%?
________ are an accounting measure of performance during a specific period of time, while ________ is the actual inflow or outflow of money.
Russell 2000 index – market index that uses 2000 stocks to measure the preformance of the smallest us companies
currency notes in circulation – ден. купюры в обращении
LEVEL PAYMENTS – On a Level Payment Loan the amount of each payment applied to interest decreases. The amount of each payment applied to principal increases.
Sales Credit Accounts – Regular charge account
-purchases are payable in full upon billing
Open-end account
-revolving credit account
-agreement continues as long as account is open
Closed-end account
-separate installment contract for each purchase
A promissory note must be: – Reduced to writing
par value of shares – номинальная стоимость акций
________ аre аn аccоunting measure оf perfоrmance during a specific period of time, while ________ is the actual inflow or outflow of money.
Judicial Foreclosure – Court-ordered sale following borrower's default

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