As Physics Definitions (aqa A)

Low viscosity – particles are able to move freely (water)
Frequency – How often a vibration occurs. It can be the vibration of a pendulum, object on a spring. Abbreviated with ƒ.
Metodo de poligono – Cuando se presentan casos en los que sobre un cuerpo actuan mas de2 fuerzas , para sumarlas y encontrar el resultante
A imagined line at right angles to a surface or boundary are called? – Normal
normal – The force exerted by a liquid on a surface is always ____, or perpendicular, to the surface.
step down transformer – reduces voltage
Definition of Half Value Layer? – The depth of which the intensity is 1/2 of the initial intensity.
kilograms – the fundamental unit of mass
Low viscosity – particles are able to move freely (water)
Motion – the change in the position of an object
permanent magnet – a material that retains its properties even when no external energy is supplied
Harmonics – Whole number multiples of the fundamental frequency
When an object is moving with uniform circular motion, where is the centripetal acceleration of the object directed? – directed toward the center of motion
Dispersion of Light – Spreading of white light into full spectrum of visible light
What does a voltage-current graph look like? – A straight line in a positive direction, passing through the origin.
Definition of Sequencing? – Voltage pulses are applied to groups of elements in succession.
-Pulse is applied simultaneously to all elements in a small group.
Name 2 forces that oppose motion. – Friction and drag oppose motion.

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