Psychology Exam 1

Egocentrism – in Piaget's theory, the preoperational child's difficulty taking another's point of view. (p. 177)
Cross-sectional Design – Participants of different ages are tested at one point in time
adaptive plasticity – A term referring to the ability of neurons to alter the connections between the synapses in accordance to best suit the environmental conditions, when learning something new or when re-learning something after brain injury.
Spermarche – The first occurrence of ejaculation.
Mamillary body – Neurons that act as a relay station, transmitting, information between fornix and thalamus.
Iris – a ring of muscle that forms the colored portion of the eye around the pupil and controls the size of the pupil opening
catastrophes – stressors that are unpredictable; large-scale disasters that threaten us
Who has the highest number of risk factors for CVD?
Advantages of a Lab experiment – Advantages of this experimental method includes;
High levels of control,
Can easily conclude the cause and effect relationship.
Gestalt – a German word for "whole", it refers to our tendency to perceive incomplete figures as complete
cognitive psychology – think about thinking
Lewis Terman – 1877-1956; Field: testing; Contributions: revised Binet's IQ test and established norms for American children
Law of common fate – The Gestalt principle that we tend to group similar objects together that share a common motion or destination
Variable-interval schedule – In operant conditioning, a reinforcement schedule that reinforces a response at unpredictable time intrevals
Heterozygous Condition – The two genes in a specific pair are different
Whо hаs the highest number оf risk fаctоrs for CVD?
Wilhelm Wundt – (Nature)
The psychologist who:
-Created the first psychology lab
-Emphasized choice/purpose
-Focused attention on a particular aspect of a situation
Midbrain – The segment of the brain stem that lies between the hindbrain and the forebrain.
If you couldn't see, how could hearing help? – You can use hearing, and echolocation to listen to sound waves bouncing off of things
What examples of bad conformity? – D.A.R.E., Anti-drug commercials
specific developmental changes that lead to the ability to reproduce – puberty

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