Essentials Of Contemporary Management 5th Ed (chapter 5)

Internalization Process – 1) Exporting 2) Corporate Contacts 3) Strategic Alliances 4) Wholly Owned Affiliates
Organizing – The process of determining the tasks to be done, who will do them, and how those tasks will be managed and coordinated.
Informational Roles – Monitor, Disseminator, and Spokesperson
Expectancy theory looks at perceived fairness as a motivator – True
Storming – Group members disagree on direction and leadership. Managers need to be sure the conflict stays focused
What individual competences that drive successful teams – Prior experience, behavior models, persuassion of others, and assessment of physical state
A danger of forecasting discussed in the text is that _____________.
13. Reactive – A piecemeal response to circumstances as they develop
Quality Management – A total commitment by everyone in an organization to improve the quality of procedures and product by reducing waste, errors, and defects
NZOC – New Zealand Olympic committee
organizational performance – the accumulated results of all the organizations work activities
Bottom-up budgeting – A budgeting process in which lower-level managers budget their departments' resource needs and pass them up to top management for approval
Authority – The official power to act
Competitive advantage – An organizations ability to produce goods or services more effectively than competitors do, thereby outperforming them
1. Be responsive
3. Quality
4. Efficiency
A dаnger оf fоrecаsting discussed in the text is thаt _____________.
Economic forces – Interest rates, inflation, unemployment, economic growth, and other factors that affect the general health and well-being of a nation or the regional economy of an organization
Blake & Mouton Grid (2) – Low/Low- Impoverished management
High/Low- Country Club management "lets get a cake and celebrate Friday!" (Focus on people not task)
Low/High- Authority Compliance "Shut up and get it done" (Focus only on task)
High/ High- Team management (people and task driven) "holy groud"
5.5- Middle of the road management
opportunity – a situation in which managers see potential organizational accomplishments that exceed current goals

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