Lighting For Film Or Video Terms

True or False: Persistence of Vision is the key factory that explains why we do not see a blank screen during motion pictures and television programs even thought eh pictures are not on the screen continuously – True
Narrative Economy – Means the restriction of narrative events and the screenplay details to those that further narrative
Alice Guy Blanche – Directed the first scripted film ever, overlooked by George Melies
Humans can focus on two sounds at a time – people only hear what's important and tune out the rest
blooper – an actual error or mistake (misplaced action, or mis-spoken dialogue by a performer), usually embarrassing or humorous, made by a performer during filming
Rhetorical Positions – 1. Explorative
2. Interrogative
3. Persuasive
4. Reflexive
Disjuncture – Where the narrative holds very little relationship to the song and it mostly random
according to the textbook, the current film industries relation to television and home video is: – more profitable than theatrical echibition
A shot from a mounted camera that is free to move up or down through space is a
Adaptation – a characteristic that improves an individual's ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment
Lip sync – Synchronization of voice, usually to music.
The distribution voltage supplied to a typical residence consist of ___ conductors, two at ___ volts, and one ___. – 3, 120, neutral
A shоt frоm а mоunted cаmerа that is free to move up or down through space is a
continuity – sense that things progress in logical order as they do in real life
balance "pan" – pot that lets technician send each input signal right or left channel on XLR cable

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