Humanities 1020 (quotes)

Modernism – Term frequently employed by literary critics and historians to categorize work that breaks with traditions and conventions of the past
Bramante // High Renaissance // Tempietto
-perfect harmony, simplicity, symmetry, balance, and proportion
-"absorbing the ideas and standards of classical architecture without becoming a slavish imitator" –
Compromise of 1850 – California entered teh union as a free state
Feudalism – the economic and political system that developed in Europe during the Middle Ages. Owned loyalty to the person above you on the social hierarchy pyramid.
causes the trojan war – helen runs away with paris
Arches Round Barrel Vault Groin Vault – architecturally perfected by the Romans; Round arch uses wedge shaped blocks to better support the arch making it easier to build them bigger; Barrel vault arch ensures the downward pressure of the arch does not collapse the walls; Groin vault is when two barrel vaults meet.
The theocracy of ancient Egypt was a belief in the divinity of – the pharoah
polytheism – belief in multiple Gods
The Detours was the original name of which of the following bands?
Hera – Juno/ goddess of marriage and maternity
What's are all three functional – Synarthrosis
Milliners – person who makes or sells hats
The Detоurs wаs the оriginаl nаme оf which of the following bands?
Originally starring Angela Lansbury, the Broadway show ___________ _______ had characters clamoring to buy meat pies actually made from dead humans. – Sweeney Todd

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