Computer Science Chapter 5

Algorithms – set of steps for solving a particular problem
What are some sound compression strategies – Reduce the number of samples i.e. the sample rate (this will affect quality), reduce the bit depth i.e. the sample size (this will affect quality), reduce the channels (change from stereo to mono), and compress using appropriate codec
Magnetic Tape – Made of ferromagnetic iron oxide, it is stored on thin plastic magnetized strips. Cheap and slow with high capacity, i.e. tapes
hub – in networking, a switch that sends data to the stations to which it is attached
to create a relationship between tables, click the __ tab on the ribbon. In the show/hide group, click the Relationships button. – database tools
Range Finder – Enables point mode
What is the name of the web server machine at western – Gual
What are the three parts of the cloud? – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
computer ethics – moral principles that govern use and application of computers
Bus width – The number of bits that can be transferred in parallel over the bus
JavaScript – is a language for creating interactive effects within web browsers
computer ethics – moral principles that govern use and application of computers
Advantages of Object Oriented Programming – Faster program development through reuse of tested modules.
Maintainability, as bugs can often be traced quickly to a particular module.
Facilitates teamwork as distinct modules may be assigned to different team members.
a __is text that prints in the top margin of each page – header
algorithm – a set of rules that precisely defines a sequence of operations
Selection Sort – A sorting algorithm in which one swaps the largest value in the unsorted portion into the last position of the sorted portion of the array increasing the sorted portion

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