Biology Chapter 11: How Genes Are Controlled

Krebs cycle – aerobic respiration
zygote – Fertilized egg. Carries one set of chromosomes from each parent.
autotroph – Organisms that make their own food; self-feeding.
phylum Pteridophyta – Ferns: vascular plants that reproduce through spore.
what do lipids do? – store energy and make up the cell membrane
Food chain – (ecology) a community of organisms where each member is eaten in turn by another member
protein – a compound made of amino acids.
urethra – A duct that conveys urine from the urinary bladder to the outside. In the male, it also conveys semen out of the body during ejaculation.
What is the monomer for a carbohydrate? – monosaccharide
heart – A muscular pump that propels a circulatory fluid (blood) through vessels to the body.
Keshan disease is related to a deficiency of:
Nucleic acids – Polymers; DNA and RNA
tidal volume – The amount of air that enters the lungs through inspiration, and then leaves through respiration, during sleep.
The elements that make up carbohydrates, – C, H, O
Light intensity – Used to describe the amount of light reaching an object, particularly green plants. It is affected by latitude, seasons, shading, cloud cover, etc. It is often a limiting factor in ecosystems.
Science – a way knowing – science is an ongoing process that involves asking questions, observing, making inferences and testing hypotheses.
chemoheterotroph – organism that must take in organic molecules for both energy and carbon
Keshаn diseаse is relаted tо a deficiency оf:
Data – Evidence; Information gathered from observations
Exocytosis – a process in which a vesicle inside the cell fuses with the cell membrane and releases its contents into the external environment
evolution – (biology) the sequence of events involved in the evolutionary development of a species or taxonomic group of organisms
What is gene therapy? – The process of using genetic engineering to change a person's genes.

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