#4 Biology Eca Review 2014

genetic engineering – Directly manipulating an organism's genes.
Organelle – A cell structure that carries out a specialized function in the life of a cell
chemoreceptor – The floor of the middle canal of the inner ear.
concentration gradient – difference in the concentration of a substance from one location to another
Phenotype – The characteristics or traits of an organism.
messenger RNA – mRNA, a RNA molecule, containing many series of 3 nucleotide codons, assembled in transcription and modified and finished in a process called splicing. These instructions for the assembly of amino acids into proteins from DNA are built in the nucleus and migrate into the cytoplasm of a cell where they find a ribosome which will read them assembling a protein from the instructions they contain 12-3
Chromatin – DNA in a more relaxed state before it becomes chromosomes.
Classification of Bacteria with unusual cell walls – They won't take up Gram stain and are neither blue nor pink. They go in Phylum Mendosicutes and class Archaebacteria. They are considered ancient because evolutionists think they were the first living things since they can survive in very harsh environments and many believe early earth was a harsh place. Some are anaerobic and chemosynthetic bacteria that can live in dark places without oxygen and make own food from chemicals.
Absence of breathing
Divine creation – It is a theory of the origin of live that shares the ideas of the bible
dominant – describes an allele that is fully expressed even when only one copy is present
receptor – a specific protein to whose shape fits that of a specific molecular messenger, such as a hormone.
exocrine – Glands such as sweat, sebaceous, and mammary glands that transport secretory products to the surface of the body through ducts.
beta pleated sheet – one form of the secondary structure of proteins in which the polypeptide chain folds back and forth; two regions of the chain lie parallel to each other and are held together by hydrogen bonds
Absence оf breаthing
Cell Cycle – Series of events that a cell goes thru as they grow and divide

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