Computer Science: Boolean Algebra

floating point – In floating point arithmetic, the position of the decimal point does not depend on the relative position of the digits in the numbers (as in fixed point arithmetic), since the two parts of the floating point number determine the absolute value of the number.
Method call – A commands form Same object.Some Message() is a method call.
OR Gate – a logic circuit whose output is 1 when at least one input is 1.
src="url" – indicates the location of the object
HTML – HyperText Markup Language. This is a file format, based on SGML, for hypertext documents on the Internet.
It is very simple and allows for the embedding of images, sounds, video streams, form fields and simple text
formatting. References to other objects are embedded using URLs.
state – One possible configuration of a world
Java Class – A construct that is used as a blueprint to create objects. Also a construct in which objects are created.
webbed website – web site structure has no set organization
Star network – One server in the middle. If a computer fails, the others still work. More expensive. No data collisions. Hubs and switches needed. If the hubs fails, the whole system does
B-Tree is a very popular indexing structure.
What are the 3 multimedia features – Interactivity (user control), hyperlinking (allows for "jumping" around sections, computer based delivery
Machine Language – Computer Programs written in binary
internet backbone – main high-speed routes for internet data traffic
transaction file – a temporary file holding data that is later used for processing, generally to update a master file
software – Set of instructions that tells the hardware what to do. It is what guides the hardware and tells it how to accomplish each task.
bound control – A(n) ______ is a control whose source of data is a field in a table or query. You use them to display values from fields in your database. The values can be text, dates, numbers, Yes/No values, pictures, or graphs. A text box is the most common type. For example, a text box on a form that displays an employee's last name might get this information from the LastName field in the Employees table.
B-Tree is а very pоpulаr indexing structure.
*Link Layer* – The communication between two adjacent nodes/devices on a network (E.g 802.3 Ethernet, 802.11 Wireless)
virus – a malicious, self replicating program that embeds itself into other code

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