Computer Science Unit 2

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) – stands for graphics interchange format. It also includes data compression, but because it is limited to 256 colors, it is more effective for scanned images such as illustrations rather than color photos.
.wp3 – video-Microsoft photostory 3 project
Provide the "Hungarian" notation for Label – lbl
b – log2(B) number of block offset bits
Storm Worm – #8
Jan 19, 2007 during kyrill weather storm in Europe
DDOS, millions of compromised computers called botnets
Mainly circulated by emails about storm in Europe
Worms propagate on their own
Bot and zombie: Gathers data on host machine, Sending affected emails to other computers & Launch DDOS attacks
Would automatically send emails from users
10 million computers
decentralized so it was hard to find. It just kept changing the host
5 characteristics of a robot – Physical Body Needed
Sensor Driven
Goal Seeking
analog signal – continually fluctuates in voltage up and down
click the ctrl+c keys to __selected cells – copy
Counting Loop – (For loops) flow control statement whose purpose is to direct the program's flow through the statements within it while counting through a range of numbers
registry – a portion of the hard drive containing all the different configurations used by the Windows operating system as well as other applications
If a worksheet group includes all the worksheets in a workbook, you can edit only the active worksheet.
computer program – A sequence of instructions suitable for processing by a computer.
Motherboard – A rigid, slotted board upon which other boards that contain the basic circuitry of a computer or of a computer component can be mounted
New Application Software for Users – Spreadsheets
Word processors
Database management systems
No dominating brands yet
If а wоrksheet grоup includes аll the wоrksheets in а workbook, you can edit only the active worksheet.
bound control – A(n) ______ is a control whose source of data is a field in a table or query. You use them to display values from fields in your database. The values can be text, dates, numbers, Yes/No values, pictures, or graphs. A text box is the most common type. For example, a text box on a form that displays an employee's last name might get this information from the LastName field in the Employees table.
name_ – To find out the name of a toolbar button, hover your mouse pointer over the button and wait a second; the ____________ will appear
Compiler – translates a high-level language program into a machine language program; machine program can be run at any time; don't need the code to rerun program
source program or source code –

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